WORKSHOP: Tri-loom Weaving


Roo Kline of Moonwood Farm


Sunday 08/05/12


10 am to 4 pm




Space Available

Experience Level:

What's Included:
The use of a triloom, instruction, and lunch are provided.
Seminar Description:
DAY TWO -- Join Roo for weaving, companionship and laughter in a very relaxed atmosphere to create your own tri-loom shawl. This workshop is perfect for beginners and is geared towards using natural yarns from your own animals.

If possible, bring your own alpaca yarn, either handspun or mill spun.
- if you are dyeing/embellishing your shawl on day 2, please ensure your yarn is white or very light.
- if you are not planning to dye your shawl, any yarn including art yarn is suitable.

You will need 200 yards of yarn for the shawl - if you would like to put fringing on it, you will need an additional 107 yards. Yarn is available at the workshop for a small materials fee.
Speaker Bio:
A graphic artist by trade, Roo Kline became involved with alpacas in 2006 and shortly after purchasing her own herd in early 2007, the 'Moonwood Farm' fiber studio was launched. Moonwood Farm soon gathered a loyal following of spinners and fellow fiber artists who fell in love with the luxuriously handcrafted spinning fibers and supplies that were offered through the internet and at fiber festivals, in particular Roo's signature 'Moonbeams' line.

Since last year Roo has been teaching her personal techniques and style to students, especially those who love and/or raise alpacas. She teaches at Magical Farms, fiber festivals, local yarn shops, the Royal Alpaca Challenge, has been featured on several episodes of The Knit Girllls videocasts, and has proudly provided her fiber creations for the students of art yarn teacher Jacey Boggs.